Bracelet Fit and Sizing Tips

Bracelets can be worn intentionally snug, comfortable, or loose, depending on the design or style of the bracelet. As a general rule of thumb, here’s how to pick a bracelet size based on your wrist and the amount of wiggle room you desire:

  1. Measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape or thick string/paper strip and ruler.
  2. Compare your wrist measurement to the length of the bracelet.
  3. Estimate fit using the listed product length and the chart below. 
Wrist Measurement (CM)
Wrist Measurement (IN)
Snug + .5-1 cm + .25-.5 in.
Comfortable + 2-2.5 cm + .75-1 in.
Loose + 3 cm + 1.25 in.


Snug Fit

If you like to wear your bracelet snug around your wrist, choose a bracelet that is as close as possible to your natural wrist measurement with no or very little length added.

Perfect for: Leather or cord or bracelets that are styled to be worn snugly

Comfortable Fit

If you prefer the slightest bit of wiggle room, a comfortable fit allows for a little finger space all around. A bracelet that is approximately one inch larger than your natural wrist measurement will give you this comfort-fit style.

Perfect for: Charm, gemstone or classic chain bracelets

Loose Fit

If you prefer for your bracelet to move freely with absolutely no constriction, choose a loose fit. A loose-fitting bracelet will be approximately 1.25 inches (3 cm) longer than your natural wrist measurement.

Perfect for: Cuffs, wide bangles or rigid metal designs