Common Necklace Lengths and Styles
Collar (14"); Choker (14-16"); Princess (18"); Matinee (24"); Opera (24-36"); Rope (36"+)
Some General Tips to Help You Choose
  • The taller you are or the fuller your frame, the longer the necklace you can effortlessly wear:
    Petite frames – When in doubt, opt for 18”. It’s the ideal length for pendant necklaces and lands right below the collar of a crew neck tee.
    Larger or taller frames – 20” can be a go-to. This is just long enough for everyday wear with a little wiggle room to suit your height or curves.
  • The more reflective/metallic the material, the more formal the occasion a necklace can suit.
  • A longer chain will draw focus downward, add length to your face, and even accentuate curvy hips.
  • A shorter chain will draw focus upward, soften an angular face, and minimize the hips.

Need more help? Check out How to Choose the Right Necklace Length for tips on layering and picking the right length for any style, occasion, outfit, and even body type or face shape.